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Experts from South Africa and UK discussed UK’s Red List


Pretoria, 28 September 2021 (TDI): The scientific experts of the United Kingdom and the Republic of South Africa met to discuss the Covid-19 situation in South Africa, the vaccination program, and South African exit from UK’s red list.

The core aim of this meeting was to provide an insight into the prevailing Covid-19 situation in the country and measures that are taken to reduce the Covid-19 cases in the country. The meeting, initiated by the South African government and the UK High Commission in South Africa, mainly targeted the exit of South Africa from the UK red list to enable travel for non-essential purposes.

Along with it, the key feature of the meeting was the discussion for recognition of the South African vaccination certificate by the UK and vice-versa. The UK delegate agreed to take a positive discussion on this matter with the South African government. 

Lastly, both countries supported and recognized the importance of vaccines to eradicate the Covid-19 from planet earth. The conference concluded on a good note, with efforts to be made for lifting South Africa from the UK red list.




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