Brussels, 6 February 2022(TDI): European Union has extended disaster and emergency assistance to Madagascar on recently hit powerful cyclone Batsirai.

On the 5th of February, a powerful cyclone by the name of Batsirai made landfall on the coast on the central-eastern island of Madagascar.   The storm was followed by heavy winds and rainfall. According to the metrological officials, winds of more than 200km per hour (124 miles per hour) hit Madagascar.

Widespread damage is expected as a result of Cyclone Batsirai. Rescue and evacuation efforts are ongoing.  According to the initial reports the cyclone led to heavy loss of lives and damages to property.

The devastation was heavy since the residents of the Indian Ocean were still recovering from the deadly tropical storm Ana, that has hit in late January.

European Commission has stepped up to assist the people of Madagascar. A tweet was posted in line with this development later today as follows:

EU Humanitarian Assistance 

It is reported that a team including experts from France, Sweden, Finland, and one liaison officer from Commission will travel to the affected areas and provide the information to the commission on the devastation.

This team will work to assess the level of threat, severity, central operational challenges, and the immediate needs of the population within the affected area. It has been estimated the team will arrive in Madagascar on the 9th of February.

EU assists Madagascar
EU Civil Protection team uniform- the team that will travel to Madagascar to provide humanitarian assistance

Moreover, Germany and France have offered additional assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in response to the request posed by Malagasy authorities. This assistance will constitute 2 purification models for water as per the request.

According to the Crisis Management Commissioner of the EU, Janez Lenarcic, the EU is acting quickly to ensure its timely arrival, technical assistance along with humanitarian staff will be ensured to the people of Madagascar.

The Commissioner said that how he was grateful to the member states of the European Union which have offered support for the people of Madagascar for this purpose. He has also explicitly shown the support for the EU team that had striven to venture to the affected area and are going to be working to help the vulnerable populations of Madagascar.