Brussels, 27 June 2023 (TDI): The European Commission has unveiled the results of the 2022 calls for proposals under the European Defense Fund (EDF), which will see a substantial investment of €832 million in 41 joint research projects and defense development within the European Union.

These selected projects aim to strengthen the EU’s cutting-edge defense capabilities across key domains such as naval, land, air, space, and cyber warfare. Notably, in the naval sector, the E-NACSOS project will concentrate on establishing a new collaborative standard for anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense.

In the air category, the REACTII project will enhance the resilience and management of electronic warfare. The ODIN’S EYE II project, focusing on space, will leverage advancements in space missile early warning to bolster European capabilities in this field, bringing together industry participants from 14 EU Member States and Norway.

Furthermore, the EDF will directly contribute to cyber defense through three specific research and development initiatives.

The outcome of the 2022 calls underscores the EDF’s role in advancing the EU’s strategic autonomy and fostering a more competitive and integrated defense technological and industrial base across Europe.

The success of the second year of EDF calls demonstrates the program’s alignment with its objectives, with a wide geographical scope of participating entities, strong involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a balanced emphasis on research and capacity development, and support for disruptive defense technologies.

The EDF represents a significant milestone in the EU’s efforts to strengthen its defense capabilities, reduce reliance on external defense suppliers, and foster collaboration among Member States.

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By pooling resources and expertise, the EU aims to enhance its strategic autonomy and establish itself as a key player on the global defense stage.

For additional information on the selected projects, including comprehensive details, the European Commission has provided a press release and fact sheets that offer further insights into the specific initiatives supported by the EDF.

These initiatives pave the way for advancements in defense technology and a stronger, more cohesive European defense industry.