Davos, 25 May 2022 (TDI): The President of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, gave a speech at this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

The President requested unity and cooperation regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the shocks to energy and food security caused by the war.

She highlighted countering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a task for the whole global community.

Additionally, von der Leyen said they have been looking for smart and sustainable ways to fight climate change, shape globalization for all to benefit, and make digitalization a force for good.

Therefore, she mentioned that Davos is entirely about crafting a future that is better and it is what they should talk about. However, the President underlined that they need to address the consequences and costs of Putin’s war of choice.

War in Ukraine

In line with this, von der Leyen emphasized that it is not a matter of the survival of Ukraine or an issue of European security, but about putting their entire international order into question.

More to this, the President explained that countering Russia’s aggression is a task for the whole global community. She reaffirmed support for Ukraine and said they will do everything in their ability to assist the Ukrainians in taking back their future.

The President pointed out the EU’s provision of military aid to Ukraine, a country under attack for the first time in its history. As they are mobilizing their full economic power, sanctions against Russia are draining Russia’s economy.

Following this, she revealed their proposed macro-financial assistance which is over 10 billion euros. Thus, it is the biggest package of macro-financial assistance developed for a third country by the EU.

Furthermore, she added to the rebuilding of Ukraine, combining massive investment with ambitious reform and firmly supporting Ukraine in pursuing its European path.

The President also spoke about the disruptions in supply chains caused by the war. Including Russia cutting off Poland, Bulgaria, and Finland from gas deliveries. All of which have resulted in strengthening Europe’s resolve of getting rid of Russian fossil fuels quickly.

Consequently, the European Commission presented RePowerEU last week. Which is a 300 billion euro plan to remove Russian fossil fuels and accelerate the green transition. Von der Leyen elaborated that currently, Europe is finishing new agreements with reliable and trustworthy suppliers around the world.

In conclusion, the President spoke about stepping up their production to ease pressure on global food markets. Also, supporting Africa to become less dependent on food imports.