Brasilia/Beijing, 25 May 2022 (TDI): Brazil and China held the 6th Plenary Meeting of the China-Brazil High-Level Commission for Coordination and Cooperation (COSBAN) on 23rd May via a video link.

Brazil’s Vice President Hamilton Mourão and his Chinese counterpart, Vice-President Wang Qishan, co-chaired the 6th COSBAN meeting. Representatives of government ministries and other officials of both countries took part.

The Brazilian foreign ministry announced the COSBAN meeting and its goals earlier this month.

The two countries agreed to enhance cooperation in various fields of mutual interest. Moreover, they concluded agreements related to cooperation in agricultural trade, clean-technology investment, tax services for cross-border businesses, and the digital economy. The Ministry of Commerce of China revealed the agreements signed between the two countries.

Furthermore, two documents dealing with the further development of bilateral relations were signed. These include the “China-Brazil strategic plan 2022-2031” and the “China-Brazil implementation plan 2022-2026”.

These long-term plans outline the path forward and layout specific guidelines to institutionalize the conduct of bilateral relations.

Brazilian Vice-President Hamilton Mourão gave a press conference following the meeting. He acknowledged China as Brazil’s primary and most important trading partner and said that bilateral ties are “extremely good”.

In addition, he proclaimed that “The 6th COSBAN Plenary Meeting proved the concord between Brazil and China, as well as both sides’ readiness to work together to solve problems, identify remaining concerns, and strengthen our connections.”

Moreover, he told that Brazil seeks to add value to its products exported to China. Negotiations related to the trade of corn, soybeans, iron ore, pesticides, and oil were successful.

Brazil-China Relations

Both countries established official diplomatic ties in 1974. Since then, they have enjoyed increasing political and economic partnerships. Presently, China is Brazil’s largest trading partner. Meanwhile, Brazil is China’s biggest economic partner in Latin America

COSBAN is the main high-level bilateral dialogue and coordination forum to develop ties between Brazil and China. Previously, both countries have organized five sessions of COSBAN meetings.

Moreover, both countries are members of BRICS, a primarily economic bloc containing, apart from them, India, Russia, and South Africa.

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