San Salvador, 21 July 2022 (TDI): The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, Mario Bucaro, had a work meeting with his Salvadoran counterpart, Alexandra Hill.

The meeting was an opportunity to endorse the historic ties of friendship and cooperation that prevail between Guatemala and El Salvador.

Both Foreign Ministers reaffirmed ties of friendship, cooperation and the strategic nature of their bilateral relationship.

They signed  Bilateral Agreements for the implementation of cooperation in the field of training, education, scientific, and social research.

The framework of the Agreements

El Salvador and Guatemala signed two agreements to strengthen trade promotion and the exchange of experiences in diplomatic matters.

As a result of these agreements, training programs will be carried out focused on the bilateral relationship between states. These programs include internships, educational student exchanges, and intensive training programs.

Both foreign ministers stressed that this agreement is consistent with current global challenges. These challenges include food security, agriculture, investments and the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Proceedings of the Meeting

During the meeting, the officials exchanged views on the priority issues on their broad bilateral agenda. Both ministers highlighted the importance of joining efforts in commercial diplomacy, taking into account the principles of reciprocity.

They also reiterated the benefits that will be achieved through actions that boost the economies and development of both nations.

They also highlighted the progress made at the regional level, especially in the Process of Deep Integration toward the free movement of goods and people.

This Customs Union mechanism allows concrete achievements in favor of regional economic and social developments.

“There are many diplomatic issues that concern us, but we must focus on people and we can be creative in moving forward. We must be the voice for the region and the world. We are sister nations,” said Minister Hill during the meeting.

The Foreign Minister of Guatemala congratulated the commitment of El Salvador to advance toward full cooperation. He also referred to continue Initiatives related to trade and tourism facilitation at the bilateral and regional levels.

The officials addressed the promotion of strategic investments in sectors of mutual interests and the challenges associated with migration. They also agreed to continue with the efforts undertaken by their governments in the face of regional and global challenges.

They also discussed the interconnectivity between countries, especially the physical infrastructure that promotes commercial benefits and mobility.

The diplomatic officials signed the Bilateral Agreements by the end of the ministerial dialogue.