Cairo, 7 March 2022 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt announced on Twitter and Facebook that the Embassies in the neighboring countries of Ukraine continue their efforts for their nationals.

According to the note, published on 2 March; those efforts are to evacuate safely their nationals that were living in Ukraine until the war started. The embassies in those countries, specifically Poland and Romania, are working to facilitate the provision of assistance.

The work of those embassies has several important aspects. The note mentioned that aside from assisting their nationals with their living conditions; they are also working to provide transport for them from border points to the capitals.

Another duty that the Embassies are carrying is that they are communicating and coordinating with the authorities of the border countries. The Embassies are also providing hotels so their nationals have somewhere to stay.

Another Ambassador from one of Ukraine's neighboring country when he received nationals that fled the conflict
Another Ambassador from one of Ukraine’s neighboring country when he received nationals that fled the conflict

The note mentioned that the Embassy in Poland keeps providing support for the Egyptian (#مصر) nationals. Egyptian Ambassador to Poland, Hatim Tajuddin, announced the total number of their nationals that were able to get to Warsaw.

According to Tajuddin, a total of 453 Egyptian nationals that lived in Ukraine have arrived in Warsaw. It is also mentioned that the embassies are contributing to the transport of the people from the border post to Warsaw; and that the border crossings from their people continue.

The Ministry announced that the Embassy in Poland was able to secure the safe passage of 81 nationals to Warsaw. On the other side; the Egyptian Ambassador to Hungary, Mohamed Al-Shnawi held a meeting with citizens that crossed the border to Hungary.

The Embassy there coordinated with the Egypt Aviation Company to give places in a flight to take them to Cairo. Al-Shnawi was at the airport to bid them farewell in their return to their homeland.


Another Embassy of Egypt involved in the efforts to evacuate their citizens is the one in Slovakia. The Ambassador there, Bassem Khalil, is also in contact with the authorities to complete the procedures to allow their citizens to cross the border to Slovakia. The Embassy is also providing them adequate transport from border points to the capital to the place they arranged for them to stay.

Egyptian Ambassador with nationals that fled the country
Egyptian Ambassador with nationals that fled the country

There the Ambassador visited the nationals that stay there to calm them and confirmed that the embassy will continue its efforts to provide anything they need. Khalil also announced that more nationals continue to cross the borders and are headed towards the capital.