Lugano, 6 July 2022 (TDI):  Schreinemacher announced financial assistance to Ukraine at the Ukraine Recovery Conference on 5 July. Liesje Schreinemacher, who is the Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, delivered a speech at the plenary session in Lugano.

She made it clear that the Netherlands seeks to offer financial assistance to Ukraine. The conference was taking place from 4-5 July 2022 in Lugano, Switzerland.

Ukraine recovery conference
Ukraine Recovery Conference 4-5 July 2022

The Minister addressed the Ukrainian people concerning the ongoing war. She acknowledged that many people have been living miserably because of the war. According to Schreinemachter, the missiles have destroyed many hospitals, schools, and homes.

The once peaceful villages and suburbs now lie in ruins. “Every day innocent people are driven from their homes, or treated in the cruelest of ways by occupying troops”.

The Minister also said that the people, government, and businesses of the Netherlands will support the Ukrainian people every step of the way.

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Netherlands’ financial support to Ukraine

At the conference, Schreinemacher said that the Netherlands is behind the Ukrainian people and will offer them support. She also announced that they will be offering financial assistance to the people of Ukraine.

“Today, I am announcing that we have made available another 200 million euros in financial aid”. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will channel the loan using its account. “The money will be spent on the day-to-day costs of the Ukrainian government…”, said Schreinemachter.

She said the new contribution is an addition to the financial support of 140 million euros offered earlier.

Schreinemacher also noted how important it is for the Ukrainian people to reconstruct their country. She said, “At the moment, reconstruction is not yet possible. Many villages and cities are still occupied by Russian forces…”. However, she also said that they must be ready to act when the guns finally fall silent.

Lastly, Schreinemacher said that the Netherlands attaches great importance to ending impunity. “As the host country to the ICC, we stand ready to back Ukraine in its efforts to seek justice and accountability for the victims of war crimes”.