Washington DC, 16 May 2023 (TDI): Deputy Secretary of the United States (US) Wendy Sherman welcomed Secretary General of Brazil’s Ministry of External Relations Maria Laura da Rocha to Washington, D.C. today for a high-level bilateral meeting.

The two diplomats engaged in fruitful discussions on a range of shared priorities, emphasizing the importance of democracy, peace, and security in both regional and multilateral contexts.

During their meeting, Deputy Secretary Sherman and Brazilian Secretary-General da Rocha highlighted their commitment to addressing pressing issues in the Western Hemisphere, particularly regarding Venezuela and Haiti. They emphasized the necessity of concerted efforts within regional and multilateral institutions, including the United Nations Security Council and the G20, to promote stability and prosperity in the region.

Furthermore, the officials laid the groundwork for successful collaboration through the Joint Action Plan to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Discrimination and Promote Equality (JAPER). Recognizing the significance of promoting equality and combating discrimination, both parties expressed their dedication to this joint initiative. They discussed strategies and shared experiences to foster inclusive societies that embrace diversity and ensure equal rights for all.

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The Human Rights Dialogue was another focal point of the meeting. Deputy Secretary Sherman and Secretary General da Rocha reaffirmed their commitment to advancing human rights globally. They exchanged views on key issues and explored avenues for cooperation to address challenges and promote respect for human rights around the world.

In light of recent developments, Deputy Secretary Sherman underscored the US’s keen interest in working alongside Brazil to seek a peaceful resolution in Ukraine that upholds Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity. Both diplomats emphasized the need for dialogue, de-escalation, and adherence to international law to address the ongoing situation.

Deputy Secretary Sherman expressed her appreciation for the constructive engagement of Secretary General da Rocha and the Brazilian government, highlighting the significance of the US-Brazil partnership in advancing shared values and promoting peace, stability, and democracy. She expressed optimism for further collaboration in the future and conveyed the US commitment to deepening ties with Brazil.

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Thus, the meeting between Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Secretary General Maria Laura da Rocha concluded on a positive note, with both officials looking forward to continuing their cooperation and advancing their joint efforts to address critical regional and global challenges.