Kyiv, 20 July 2022 (TDI): The Deputy Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), Eamonn Murphy, visited Ukraine on Monday.

The visit to Ukraine by UNAIDS’ Deputy Executive Director was mainly to understand the needs of the people of Ukraine. The visit was aimed at analyzing the situation of HIV spread in war-prone areas.

UNAIDS Deputy Executive Director’s visit to Ukraine:

Eamonn Murphy started his visit from Bucha to Irpen. He expressed his grief over the loss of lives and infrastructure caused in Ukraine due to Russian aggression.

As a result, he stated the need to end the conflict as soon as possible. The Deputy Executive Director announced that he was on the same page as Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the UN, to end the senseless and disastrous war in Ukraine.

In addition, he visited shelters for People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) and LGBTQ people. He expressed his gratitude to the NGOs and other communities who are helping people at such times.

UNAIDS Deputy Executive Director’s statement:

The Deputy Executive Director of UNAIDS said that he was happy to see these NGOs maintain HIV services even during the war. Additionally, they have also addressed the unique and urgent needs of gender-diverse people.

Furthermore, he reaffirmed the resilience and determination of UNAIDS in working in the war-torn areas. This, however, is inspiring many others. He also noted that the additional support they need should be provided on time.

Nonetheless, Eamonn Murphy said that Ukraine has developed the most advanced harm reduction programs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He said that all of these services should be supported.

In light of this, he added that maintaining these life-saving services is a key part of humanitarian responses.

Analysis of HIV Prevention:

The Deputy Executive Director of UNAIDS also analyzed the preventive measures taken in Ukraine against HIV.

He visited 100% Life and appreciated their commitment and daring response to HIV. He said that the patient-led organization was proving to be a lifeline for many Ukrainians in conflicted areas.

He also expressed his happiness to work with and support such partners and said he would continue to help them overcome the increasing challenges.

Eamonn Murphy also expressed his gratitude to workers in the public health centre. He said that their rapid and effective people-oriented HIV response, outside and inside the country, was commendable.

In the end, he thanked the UNAIDS team for their tireless work. He praised their bravery in meeting the needs of HIV-positive people during the humanitarian crisis. He said that it was influencing thousands of people.

Moreover, he said that he was looking forward to ending AIDS together with the support of everyone.