Denmark Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan


Copenhagen, 15 September 2021 (TDI): The Minister of Development Aid attended the UN Conference. The conference was held in Geneva to discuss the far-reaching humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and its surroundings. Most of the countries have participated in the forum. 

Denmark has contributed DKK 240 million to humanitarian efforts and to support Afghanistan’s needy people. Minister of Development Aid Fleming Moller has said that the International community should stand for Afghanis and help them in this deteriorating time. He has said that as the winter season is near, the situation in Afghanistan could be worse. He also said that Denmark would contribute DKK 500 million to Afghanistan to avoid the more deteriorating crisis. With the help of the UN Population Fund, UNICEF, and Danish Organizations.

Danish Organizations are already working in Afghanistan, as both countries have had friendly relations in the past. Danish humanitarian civil society organizations played their role in Afghanistan by providing basic facilities like clean water and contributing to the health sector, protecting the women in Afghanistan. 

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