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Defence Diplomacy- Russian President Putin Inspected the Russian Naval Parade in St Petersburg.


Islamabad:26, July 2021- (TDI): A Pakistani navy ship took part in the Russian Navy Day parade in St. Petersburg on Sunday. 

Russian President Putin inspected the military parade. About 4,000 crew members, over 50 ships and submarines, and 48 naval aviation aircraft and helicopters took part in the parade.  

The Pakistan Navy ship ZULFIQUAR took part in the military parade celebrating Russian Navy Day. The Russian President investigated the military parade. Representatives from 21 countries took part in the event. The Pakistan Navy will also attend the event in the Russian naval harbor. According to the official statement released by PAK Navy, the ship’s participation in the Russian navy parade and the Russian warship’s participation in the AMAN exercise in February this year reflected the growing relationship between the two navies. 

Putin said at the ceremony that the Russian fleet can spot any enemy and launch an immediate attack if necessary, a few weeks after the British warship crossed the peninsula from Crimea to anger Moscow.


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