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Darfur conflict jeopardizes 5 million children


New York, 21 November 2023 (TDI): The escalating humanitarian crisis in Sudan has reached a devastating turning point in Darfur, with at least 5 million children facing extreme deprivation of their rights and protection risks due to the ongoing conflict.

Since the war broke out in April 2023, over 3,130 allegations of severe child rights violations have been reported in the country, with Darfur bearing the brunt of these atrocities.

Children are being killed, maimed, and subjected to sexual violence, while thousands more are being forced from their homes and deprived of essential services like education and healthcare.

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The conflict has also exacerbated a severe malnutrition crisis in Darfur, with over 1.2 million children under five suffering from acute malnutrition, and 218,000 facing severe acute malnutrition, its most deadly form.

Without urgent treatment, these children are at high risk of death. The international community must act now to bring an end to the violence in Darfur and to protect the lives of these children.

This includes providing humanitarian assistance, supporting the deployment of peacekeepers, and engaging in diplomatic efforts to broker a ceasefire.

Sudan, particularly Darfur, has transformed into a living hell for countless children, where thousands are subjected to ethnic targeting, killings, injuries, abuse, and exploitation. This must cease immediately,” declared UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell.

Despite the ongoing violence, these children continue to suffer, while their parents and grandparents still bear the wounds of past episodes of violence. We cannot permit this to happen once more.

All parties involved in the conflict must adhere to international law and safeguard children and civilians. Children require peace.

The recent intensification of fighting in Darfur has resulted in a massive displacement crisis, with approximately 1.7 million new internally displaced persons (IDPs), representing nearly 40% of Sudan’s total IDP population.

Children account for almost half of this displaced population, facing heightened risks of abuse, violence, exploitation, and separation from their caregivers.

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