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Croatia Congratulates the New Foreign Minister of Iran on Phone


Tehran, 1 September (TDI): Iran New Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian on 25th August gained Vote of Confidence from Iranian Parliament

The messages of felicitation and congratulations were sent from the Foreign Ministers of Russia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Oman, Kazakhstan, and Lebanon, among other countries, to  Abdollahian for becoming the new foreign minister of Iran.

On 1st September one of the Top Diplomats from Croatia forwarded his compliment to the elected Foreign Minister of Iran. The talk between the Croatia Diplomat and the Iran Foreign Minister was done through Telephone.

Croatia’s Diplomats congratulate Mr. Abdollahian for securing his seat as the Foreign Minister of Iran. He also expressed his intention towards good relations with Tehran. Both Diplomats express their desire to expand the ties between both countries.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian

Amir-Abdollahian hails from Damghan from Semnan province. Having a Ph.D. from Tehran University in International Relations, Foreign Minister Abdollahian is fluent in Persian, Arabic, and English. During the meeting with the US on the security situation in Iraq, Abdollahian received global attention. US Ambassador Ryan and Abdollahian’s team met in Baghdad. Two other were Hassan Kazemi Qomi and Hassan Danaei-far, the then Iranian ambassador to Baghdad and his subsequent replacement. During his career, the Foreign Minister of Iran has remained as an aide to the speaker of the Iranian Parliament on International Affairs, then DG of international affairs to the president secretariat in Iran. He is well known amongst the diplomatic circles especially in the US state Department.

Under the Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, he was a deputy Foreign Minister and is currently also a Professor at the State Department’s School of International Relations. When Foreign Minister Zarif announced his resignation, Amirabdollahian was the preference to be the next Foreign Minister



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