Geneva, 3 November 2023 (TDI): UN experts are sounding the alarm in Gaza, where time is running out to prevent a potential genocide, urging an immediate ceasefire. They express their profound frustration with Israel’s reluctance to halt its plans to devastate the besieged Gaza Strip.

These experts firmly believe that the Palestinian people are facing a significant risk of genocide, underscoring the urgent need for immediate action. They call on Israel’s allies to share responsibility and act promptly to prevent a disastrous course of action.

The experts consider Israeli airstrikes on the Jabalia refugee camp to be both a war crime and a violation of international law, which deeply disturbs them.

While they welcome the recent General Assembly resolution aimed at protecting civilians and upholding legal and humanitarian obligations, they emphasize the pressing need for swift action.

Describing the situation in Gaza as catastrophic, they highlight the severe shortages of food, water, medicine, fuel, and essential supplies, along with the looming health hazards.

The absence of fuel and disruptions to water infrastructure have left two million Gazans struggling to find drinking water.

In a show of support, the experts stand behind the UN Secretary General’s efforts to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza and emphasize the immediate release of all civilians held captive since Hamas militants attacked Israeli communities.

They stress the paramount importance of a humanitarian ceasefire, ensuring both aid delivery and the safety of humanitarian workers, hospitals, schools, journalists, and media workers.

The experts stress that humanitarian and medical personnel and facilities are protected under international law, and they call on both Israel and Palestinian armed groups to abide by the rules of war.

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Currently, Gaza is home to an estimated 1.4 million internally displaced people, with many seeking refuge in UNRWA emergency shelters, and there have been reports of casualties among UN workers due to Israeli bombardment.

The experts urgently appeal for an immediate ceasefire, underscoring that time is quickly running out.