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CPC has stood test of time, says Awami League politician


Dhaka: 3 July 2021 (TDI)-  The member secretary of the International Affairs Sub-Committee of Bangladesh’s ruling Awami League party, Dr. Shammi Ahmed spoke on the occasion of the CPC centennial in an interview to Xinhua.

She said that the CPC’s journey from its beginning with more than 50 members to a party with over 95 million members now has demonstrated the progressive nature of the party. Upholding its core principles of seeking happiness for the people and pursuing rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the CPC has led China to achieve remarkable social and economic progress.

Applauding the people-centric policies of CPC and commenting on the COVID-19 pandemic, she said, China’s success in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic and alleviating poverty is directly related to the party’s leadership, and the party has made significant contributions to protecting the health of the Chinese people and other peoples worldwide and offered experiences for other countries in fighting the pandemic.

Dr. Ahmed praised the CPC for its ideology of prioritizing peaceful development, multilateralism, and shared global prosperity. She said, standing on the right side of history, people have witnessed that the CPC is committed not only to rallying the Chinese people and leading them to run their own affairs well but also to building a community with a shared future for mankind to promote world peace and common development, she said. She said that CPC’s plan for China’s development from 2021-2025 focuses on strengthening the domestic economy and consolidating social development.

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