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Chinese Spokesperson Remarks on Investigation of the Dasu Terrorist Attack


Beijing, 12 August 2021 (TDI): In a response to a question asked from the media, Chinese Spokesperson Hua Chunying’s share her remarks about the recent updates on the investigation into the case of the Dasu Terrorist attacks during a media briefing. Here is the question and the reply from the Chinese Spokesperson on the issue.

Q: On August 12, the Pakistani government offered updates on the investigation into the case of the Dasu terrorist attack at a media briefing. They said that the planning for the terrorist attack was done in Afghanistan and the attack was executed by the Swat chapter of TTP. The attacker was trained in Afghanistan and the vehicle used in the attack was brought from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Some of those involved in the attack have been arrested in Pakistan, while others are at large in Afghanistan. The terrorist network the attacker is associated with has received support from Indian and Afghan intelligence agencies. Do you have any comments?

A: The Pakistani side’s investigation into the terrorist attack has seen major progress within a short period of time. China pays great attention to this and expresses appreciation for Pakistan’s active efforts. Further investigation by Pakistan is still ongoing at the moment. China and Pakistan will follow the important consensus reached by the leaders on both sides, ascertain all the facts and truth, and hold the culprits accountable and bring them to justice. In the meanwhile, both countries will keep strengthening security cooperation mechanisms to ensure the safety of Chinese projects, people, and institutions in Pakistan.
Terrorism is the common enemy of all mankind. China firmly opposes any force using terrorism to seek geopolitical gains and calls on countries in the region to collaborate in eradicating all terrorist organizations so as to uphold the common security and development interests of all countries

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