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Chinese Spokesperson appreciates Prime Minister’s comments on CPC


BEIJING: 6 July 2021 (TDI)-   Wang Wenbin expressed admiration for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s appreciation of the Communist Party of China’s (CPC) governance and developments for the Chinese society, in a press conference.

Prime Minister Imran made a statement on the occasion of CPC’s completion of its centennial appreciating Chinese leadership and the ruling CPC for pulling out millions of people from extreme poverty and making the country the world’s second-largest economy in a few decades.

In his response to a question asking for his comments on the Pakistani PM’s statement, the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said he has noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan said that CPC has found a unique model and brought enormous developments for the Chinese society in its own way, beating many Western democracies. He said he appreciates these remarks.

He added that lately many foreign political parties, leaders and people from various sectors have extended congratulations to the CPC on its centenary in various forms. They have said that the CPC, committed to its founding mission, has overcome all kinds of difficulties, united, and led the Chinese nation to great achievement in social and economic development.

The spokesperson said that the century-long journey of the CPC shook the world, adding that as CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at a ceremony marking the party’s centenary, socialism with Chinese characteristics is a fundamental achievement of the Party and the people, forged through innumerable hardships and great sacrifices, and it is the right path for China to achieve national rejuvenation. As China has upheld and developed socialism with Chinese characteristics and driven coordinated progress in material, political, cultural-ethical, social, and ecological terms (under the leadership of CPC), it has pioneered a new and uniquely Chinese path to modernization and created a new model for human advancement.

Conclusively, he expressed his confidence that the CPC and the Chinese people will continue to press ahead on the path they have chosen.

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