Beijing, 18 May 2022 (TDI): Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke by phone on Wednesday, 18 May with the President-elect, Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, of the Philippines about bilateral cooperation and regional growth.

President Xi congratulated Marcos on his re-election as the Philippines’ President again. He emphasized that Marcos has watched and participated in the growth of bilateral ties between China and the Philippines.

President-elect Marcos is a believer and advocate of the friendship between the two countries. Xi Jinping urged both countries to continue their friendship and be faithful to their initial aspirations.

He said that the two countries should carry the friendship and stay loyal to initial aim, along with bringing a prosperous future for relations between the both.

Along these lines, Xi stated that during the last six years, China and the Philippines have maintained excellent neighborly ties, and formed a holistic strategic cooperative relationship.

He expressed that, the Chinese side prioritizes the Philippines in its regional diplomacy and that its friendly stance toward the Philippines is consistent and stable.

China will continue to support and aid the Philippines in its social and economic growth, as it has done in the past. Moreover, the Chinese President expressed his wish for the Philippines to continue to follow its own foreign policy.

President Xi Jinping stated that China urges to strengthen strategic engagement with the Philippines. He also added China will provide support and sustenance to the Philippines in order to maximize socioeconomic development.

According to Xi, China is all set to work with the Philippines to deepen strategic coordination on significant shared concerns.

President Marcos Remarks

Recalling his friendly exchanges with Beijing, President Marcos said that the Philippines regard China as one of its most important partners. Relations between the Philippines and China will be a top foreign policy focus for the new Philippines government.

Marcos noted that the Filipino people view the Chinese as their most significant partners, recalling his warm dealings with the Chinese.  The Philippines is ready to enhance collaboration with China in energy, education, trade, culture, and economy.

The President-elect emphasized his full anticipation for the future growth of bilateral relations to be better and stronger. He stated that his country was willing to collaborate with the Chinese to provide bilateral relationships with a fresh and powerful impetus.

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