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Chinese Indonesian Presidents held phone talk


Beijing, March 17 2022 (TDI): President of China, Xi Jinping, talked to the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, to discuss the Ukraine crisis. The exchange took place on March 16.

Remarks of President of China

During the Conversation, President Xi Jinping noted that both countries have strengthened cooperation in key areas of progress and development. Furthermore, he noted that both countries are moving together to withstand global challenges.

In addition to that, the Chinese president highlighted a new pattern of collaboration between both states. This pattern is based on a four-wheel-drive involving cultural, maritime, political, and economic matters. Overall, the main theme of cooperation between both countries is to consolidate solidarity for common development in these challenging times.

Besides, both leaders stressed the need for building the China-India community jointly. Similarly, the Chinese President noted that this community will hold the idea of a shared future and model of honest cooperation between major developing states.

Following that, President Xi highlighted that both sides should reach a consensus regarding issues such as COVID-19 vaccine development. Eventually, this will help both countries to fight the pandemic situation.

Thereupon, President Xi said that both sides should ensure the successful operation of the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway. He also mentioned other key areas of collaboration including regional comprehensive economic corridor, Two Countries & Twin Parks, and BRI initiatives. These projects will help to boost Indonesia’s development and progress along with bilateral ties.

Chinese Indonesian Presidents
Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway in Indonesia

In this context, President Xi reaffirmed China’s positive attitude towards these projects because of their beneficial aspects towards the development of Indonesia. He also talked about global supply chains and the smooth functioning of worldwide supply chains.

In the same vein, President Xi remarked that this is vital to promote the applicability of the Global Development Initiative and safeguard the ASEAN-related regional architecture of cooperation. This architecture includes inclusivity, openness, and commitment towards unity and collaboration.

Then, President Xi assured Chinese support towards Indonesia while playing the role of president of the G-20. Currently, the g-20 theme for 2022 is ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’. Then, President Xi wished success for the 2022 G20 Summit which will be held in Bali.

Remarks of President of Indonesia

In response, the President of Indonesia, extended congratulations on the successful completion of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympics along with two sessions. Thereafter, he said that Indonesia is prepared to cooperate with China for the smooth operation and completion of the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway.

Markedly, President Joko Widodo  reiterated that Indonesia is prepared for tripartite collaboration for the establishment of the new capital city. He also hoped for the efficient running of Green Industrial Parks and economic corridors with the help of China.

Lastly, he confirmed support towards the Chinese proposal of the Global Development Initiative which is encompassing the UN 2030 agenda. He noted that Indonesia will remain in close contact with China for the better functioning of the G-20 regarding global development and economic revival.

Ukraine Crisis 

Along these lines, both sides exchanged views on Russia and Ukraine conflict. However, both leaders emphasized on facilitation of the dialogue process for peace and stability in the region. Similarly, dialogue diplomacy is essential to avoid a humanitarian crisis and mitigate negative effects on the global economy.



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