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Chinese, French, and German Leaders held Virtual Summit


Beijing, 8 March 2022 (TDI): Chinese President, Xi Jinping, held a video summit with French President, Emmanuel Macron, and German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz to deliberate upon the Russia-Ukraine conflict and EU-China bilateral ties.  The summit was held on March 8.

At the meeting, Daing Xuexiang, Wang Yi, He Lifeng, and Yang Jiechi were also present.


Considering the current state of affairs, the Chinese President encouraged peace talks between Ukraine and Russia. He also emphasized the continuity of negotiations for a peaceful resolution of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict.

According to him, world leaders must overcome the difficulties to ensure peaceful outcomes in the region. Further, the Chinese President highlighted that the situation in Ukraine is worrisome. He also expressed grief regarding the outbreak of war on the European continent.

China-EU Relations

Besides, the Chinese President held a dialogue with German and French leaders on China-EU relations as well. According to him, both sides must ensure cooperation and a diplomatic pathway for sustainable development.

In this matter, President Xi Jinping remarked that the world has seen major global challenges including the pandemic situation. These challenges can be resolved through global cooperation. In this regard, the EU and China share a common understanding to resolve the issues and promote sustainability.

Thereupon, he reiterated that the world leaders must shoulder the responsibility to cooperate with China for successful and peaceful outcomes. He further stressed the need for green and digital partnerships along with practical collaboration in numerous areas.

Resultantly, the sides encourage the need for multilateralism and advance global agendas for cooperation and peace in the world. Indeed, he noted that the development policies of China will carve further space for China-EU relations.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict

In the context of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, President Xi Jingping mentioned that China has adopted a principled stance to resolve the matter. Earlier, China provided the five-point formula to present its stance regarding the situation of Ukraine.

It is also pertinent to note that the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has mentioned six-point formula to resolve the humanitarian crisis prevailing on the Ukrainian side.

But, the Chinese President reaffirmed that the imposition of sanctions against Russia will affect energy, transportation, global finance, and the smooth functioning of supply chains in the region. Therefore, he emphasized that sanctions will not benefit anyone.

China Five Points Formula

Nevertheless, China has provided its five-point position to resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Firstly, China believes that the territorial integrity and sovereignty of every state must be respected including Ukraine. This very significant point is also mentioned in the UN Charter as well.

Secondly, China supports sustainable, cooperative, common, and comprehensive forms of security. It also advocates the indivisible principle of security. Therefore, the Russian concerns regarding NATO’s five waves of expansion must be addressed.

Thirdly, China promotes the use of ‘necessary restraint’ to overcome the current situation of Ukraine. Similarly, world leaders must take steps to prevent the humanitarian crisis from getting out of control.

Fourthly, China supports negotiation and diplomatic dialogue for a peaceful settlement of the crisis. In this regard, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, also held a Telephone dialogue with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Currently, Russian and Ukrainian delegations have completed two rounds of talks. Meanwhile, preparations are underway for the third round of negotiations. Lastly, China emphasizes the positive role of the UNSC in the de-escalation of the crisis.

China Six-Point Initiative

As far as the humanitarian crisis is concerned, Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has pointed out six steps to overcome the deteriorated conditions. It includes neutrality of humanitarian operations, provision of shelter for displaced persons, protection of civilians and foreign nationals.

The humanitarian initiative also focuses on the smooth running of humanitarian activities. Moreover, it includes the supporting role of the UN Crisis Coordinator. Thereafter, he appreciated the role of the Red Cross Society of China as well.

French and German Mediation efforts

Owing to the prevailing crisis, the Chinese President applauded the German and French mediation efforts. Afterward, he explained why China will stay in coordination and communication with Germany, France, and the EU. Eventually, joint efforts are necessary to overcome difficulties.

Remarks of French and German Leaders

Considering the current state of events, French President, Emmanuel Macron, and German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, also shared their views on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to them, Europe is witnessing the worst crisis since the Second World War. In this regard, both leaders encourage diplomatic talks for a peaceful political settlement. Moreover, the leaders also thanked the Chinese President for his humanitarian initiative in Ukraine.

During the talk, both leaders expressed their desire to promote coordination and communication with China to prevent further escalation in Ukraine. Moreover, French and German leaders also congratulated the Chinese President for the successful conduction Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.






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