`Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson emphasizes cooperation with Russia

Flags of China (left) and Russia (right)

Beijing, 23 November 2021 (TDI): Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian stated that China wants a stable and prosperous Russia.

China and Russia are two immediate neighbors. They shared a long shared history. China is the biggest trading partner of Russia. The two countries share partnerships in several regional organizations. They also collaborate in international organizations such as the United Nations. The two countries aim to strengthen their bilateral relations by expanding cooperation in different fields.

China and Russia co-hosted a Webinar in Geneva

The two countries also co-hosted a Webinar on Democracy in the UN Office in Geneva. It was attended by the representatives of more than 60 permanent missions to the UN Office in Geneva. Over 130 people attended the event as a whole which included representatives from Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Academia, Media, and other fields.

The Webinar emphasized the importance of democracy in the world. Panelists of the Webinar stated that the goal of democracy is to provide a comfortable environment to the people with good governance. Therefore, the democratic norms of a country should be judged by the development and prosperity of its society. So it is not important for a democracy to meet the Western standards of democracy. This is because it can lead to divisions in the world which is not in the interests of the international community.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson emphasized this closed collaboration between China and Russia in the UN Office in Geneva. He stated that the two countries believe in cooperation. They have a lot to gain from the collaboration. They shared common values due to their shared history which helps them to cooperate with each other.

China and Russia want prosperity of the region

Zhao Lijian stressed that the two countries want stability and prosperity of the region. This is why they are working closely with the regional states in regional organizations in the form of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The two countries also share interests in the situation of Afghanistan. They want a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. Therefore, they will help Afghanistan in its reconstruction.

Zhao stated that a stable China is in the interests of Russia. Russia wants a prosperous China. While China also has the same type of desires as Russia. China wants a strong and successful Russia. In this way, the countries can help each other in their development and progress, he added.

He emphasized that the two countries will continue to cooperate on regional and international issues. Russia is a true partner of China. The two countries are friendly neighbors and desire the prosperity of each other. They will continue to collaborate to strengthen their cooperation.


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