Beijing, 10 December 2021 (TDI): Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister, Wang Yi attended the 14th Bali Democracy Forum virtually on December 9, 2021.

Chinese Foreign Minister delivered a virtual speech in which he emphasized that democracy is the epitome of human progress. He said that the world is facing challenges of practicing true democracy.

Wang stated that some people think Western democracy is the only true democracy in the world. They want to impose it on the world forcibly.

Some countries are trying to create divisions in the world in the name of democracy. They want to make a model of a certain country practicing diplomacy despite having different political systems.

He stressed that the world is divided in practicing democracy. Everyone should practice democracy according to the need of its society, he added.

Wang Yi on Role of CPC in upholding Democracy

The Chinese Foreign Minister highlighted the role of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in upholding democracy in China since its founding.

He said that China is committed to practicing diplomacy in which the people of China have fate in their own hands. This is what a true democracy demands, added Wang Yi.

He stressed that no democracy is superior to other democracies in the world. He stated that China will neither impose nor export its democracy to the world.

China fully respects the democracies of the other countries, he added. He put forward three suggestions for promoting democracy in the world.

First, there should be respect for the national sovereignty of every country in the world. The world should respect the basic norms of the international system. No one’s sovereignty should be undermined in the name of protecting human rights.

The world has seen the interference in the internal affairs of the states in the name of human rights has caused unending chaos in those countries.

He stressed that the United Nations should prevent such unilateral actions which undermine the national sovereignty of the states in the name of democracy and human rights.

Secondly, he highlighted that democratic concepts with Asian features should be promoted in the world. There should be a consultation on human rights and democracy.

Asia has set an excellent example of consultation in the global democratic governance at the Bandung Conference, he added.

Thirdly, he stated that the global challenges should be dealt with by international cooperation. He stressed that unilateral actions will halt the process of democracy. Creating groups in the name of democracy will divide the world endangering the democratic norms in the world.

Wang Yi on Democratic Governance

He pointed out that democratic governance urges multilateralism, win-win cooperation, mutual respect, non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, and making globalization fairer to all.

Wang Yi stated that true democracy will prevail in the world. No one can undermine the true democratic norms in the world by their unilateral actions. He said that China is committed to promoting the true democratic spirit in the world for the betterment of humanity.

Bali Democracy Forum was established in 2008. It provides a platform for the Asia-Pacific countries to hold dialogue on democracy.

Indonesia hosted the 14th Bali Democracy Forum under the theme of “Democracy for Humanity: Advancing Economic and Social Justice during the Pandemic.”

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