Goa, 6 May 2023 (TDI): While attending the SCO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Goa, Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang said that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is a significant positive influence in both regional and international matters.

Therefore, it is crucial for the SCO members to uphold the “Shanghai Spirit” amidst the complex international environment and work towards creating a more unified SCO community with a shared destiny.

Qin stated that the world is currently experiencing various crises and obstacles. This includes the return of the new Cold War era, self-interested protectionism, and the emergence of dominant and power-focused politics.

Having that said, he then suggested five ways to bring the SCO community closer together and have a shared future.

It is crucial for the SCO to uphold the “Shanghai Spirit” amidst the complex international environment and work towards creating a more unified SCO community with a shared destiny: Qin Gang.

Firstly, Qin emphasized the need to maintain strategic independence, build strong solidarity, and strengthen mutual trust among members of the SCO community. He urged the members to support each other in safeguarding their national sovereignty, security, and development interests.

Second, Qin reiterated the importance of enhancing security cooperation to safeguard regional peace. He emphasized the need for continued efforts to combat terrorism, separatism, extremism, transnational organized crime, and drug trafficking.

Third, he urged openness and inclusiveness to promote interconnected development. He called for the rejection of any action that could undermine the international economic and trade order and market rules.

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He also emphasized the importance of maintaining stability and smooth flow in the industrial and supply chains. Additionally, he stated that China will work with all relevant parties to expand the path of opportunity and prosperity in the new decade, taking the opportunity of hosting the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

Fourth, he stressed the importance of upholding justice and fairness to improve global governance. He also stated that China will enhance coordination and cooperation with all parties to support the SCO in participating and implementing the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

This includes major initiatives such as the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative, and the Global Civilization Initiative.

Fifth, Qin urged efforts to focus on long-term development and strengthen mechanism construction.

Then he went on to express China’s willingness to continue to expand cooperation with the member states of the SCO, with the goal of advancing national development and rejuvenation together and collaborating to build a community with a shared future for all humanity.

In addition, all attendees of the meeting, on their part, praised the SCO for its role in advancing regional security and development and reached a consensus to further enhance collaboration in security.

They committed to expanding collaboration in transportation, energy, finance, investment, free trade, and digital economy to improve regional connectivity, strengthen cultural and people-to-people exchanges, and achieve mutual growth.

Moreover, all members pledged to support Afghanistan in achieving stability and reconstruction and endorsed the SCO’s efforts to partner with the United Nations (UN) and BRICS countries to protect the principles of the UN Charter and multilateralism.

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The meeting also prepared all the members for the upcoming SCO Summit in New Delhi this summer.