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Chinese Businessman honored with Global Ambassador Award


Islamabad, 25 November 2021 (TDI): As a public diplomacy initiative,  Diplomatic Insight Group organized the 4th Global Ambassadors Award Ceremony to acknowledge the services of Ambassadors and diplomats, heads of international organizations, businessmen for the promotion of people to people contact, business, trade, and constructive bilateral relations with their respective states and missions.

As a result of outstanding contribution towards building Pakistan’s strong partnership with China on behalf of the people of Pakistan,  Diplomatic Insight Group conferred an award to Zhang Baozhong – CEO/ Chairman China Overseas Port Holding Company Pvt. Ltd. This was a humble tribute to his hard work and commitment to Pakistan-China relations, promoting Gawadar port, philanthropic works and investment in Pakistan.

From serving as a visiting Professor, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, to being the CEO/ Chairman of China Overseas Port Holding Company Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Zhang Baozhong has evolved a lot.

Mr. Zhang Baozhong started as the Professor, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, then served as the Director China Red Cross Society. Afterward, he has also worked as Director China Peace and Development Fund, and now he is the CEO/ Chairman China Overseas Port Holding Company Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Zhang Baozhong assumed the position of chairmanship in 2015 and has been serving Gwadar Port with optimal diligence and wholehearted commitment. Later on, he paid momentous attention to overhauling the socio-economic conditions of the locals through facilitating community services.

Not to forget that he has taken concrete steps in the provision of basic health, education, water, power, transport, and other infrastructural facilities to Gwadar and also worked to develop the whole Gwadar city as an economic and investment hub instead of focusing on just port and free zone.

It is worth saying that an operational Gwadar Port and Gwadar Free Zone have comprehensively changed the landscape of Gwadar. Mr. Zhang persistently strived to convince the commercial container vessels to operate on a regular basis. Owing to Mr. Zhang’s strenuous efforts, Gwadar Port is fully operational despite the worldwide close down due to the ongoing pandemic. We are glad to say that in 2021, 150,000 metric tonnes of cargo have been processed in Gwadar Port, which is a milestone.

Under his leadership, the first phase of Gwadar port has been completed, and 46 companies are registered and currently offering jobs and business opportunities to locals. It is grateful that he utilized his personal connection in China to attract more investment in Gwadar.

You must be glad to hear that projects like New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA), East Bay Expressway, Pakistan-China Vocational training Institute, Friendship Hospital, Faqeer Colony Girls Middle School, Fraternity Emergency Center, and proposed 1.2 million Gallon Desalination Plant are the brainchild of Mr. Zhang. It is worth saying that realizing the lousy conditions of locals, around 85% of the employees of the COPHC are locals or from Balochistan_ arguably much higher than government agencies.

Lastly, Mr. Zhang worked for the Women Development Center and Goat Farm. These initiatives are a source of income to more than 20 needy families of Gwadar.


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