China, 25 October 2023(TDI): On 23, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a phone call with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen to discuss the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict.

Minister Cohen presented Israel’s stance and security concerns regarding the conflict, while Minister Wang Yi expressed China’s deep concerns and its dedication to peace and international cooperation.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi highlighted that the current Palestinian-Israeli conflict has profound global implications, making it a significant choice between ‘war and peace’. He shared that China is deeply troubled by the escalating conflict and the intensifying situation and condemns actions that oppose international law and threaten civilian lives.

Furthermore, he reiterated the principle that all countries possess the right to self-defense but emphasized the critical importance of respecting international humanitarian law to safeguard civilian lives.

In addition, Minister Wang Yi further emphasized that the recurring conflicts between Palestine and Israel have taught painful lessons, underscoring the need to embrace the concept of common security for lasting stability.

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He reiterated the “two-state solution” as the consensus of the international community, emphasizing the importance of both Palestine and Israel working together for long-term peace and security.

Moreover, Minister Wang Yi called for a return to the “two-state solution,” the resumption of peace talks, and the realization of two states, Palestine and Israel, living in peaceful coexistence alongside the harmonious coexistence of the Arab and Jewish nations.

The Foreign Minister shared that China has no ulterior motive but only wants and hopes for the Palestinian issue to be justly and fairly resolved through a peaceful two-state solution.

He pledged China’s unwavering support for actions that promote peace and reconciliation, emphasizing its commitment to the cause.

Minister Wang Yi also expressed his hope that Israel would take effective measures to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens and institutions in the region.