Chinese Ambassador to UN urges for Fairness in UNSC reforms

Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun

New York, 16 November 2021 (TDI): The Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun urged for fairness and justice in the reforms of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Zhang Jun, the Chinese Permanent Representative to the UN addressed the UNSC on Monday, 15 November 2021. He urged the member states to ensure equality, fairness, and justice in the reforms of the UNSC. He said that we should not forget the common interests of all the member states in the reforms.

Zhang Jun stated that the UN is the universally accepted legitimate authority. It is the symbol of multilateralism in the world, he added. The UN has always been in the frontline dealing with global challenges. The world has huge expectations from the United Nations.

Zhang emphasizes rule of law

He said that the safest way to the peace and the security of the world is to follow the international rule of law. The UN works tirelessly to promote international rule of law, he added. While the UNSC is the most important body of the UN. It works for the peace and security of the world. Therefore, the reforms of the UNSC should be based on equality and justice so that no one is treated unequally.

He further stated that the UN belongs to 193 member states. The size of the state does not matter to the UN. The UN treats every state equally no matter if they are strong or weak; rich or poor. Therefore, the reforms should not benefit some specific states by ignoring the majority.

The Chinese Ambassador to the UN demanded stronger regional representation at the UNSC. He emphasized that the developing states are underrepresented in the UNSC which should be improved. China is the voice of the developing states in the UNSC and it will keep speaking for the rights of the developing states.

Zhang urges to create balance in the UNSC

He pointed out the imbalance between the developing and the developed states in the UNSC. Zhang stated that more developing states should be given permanent seats in the UNSC to create balance. He urged that the reforms should correct the injustice done with the developing states especially with the African states. He said that more opportunities should be given to the medium-sized states of Africa, Arab, Latin America, small island countries to maintain unity and trust in the UN.

Zhang stressed that the UN is the body of 193 states but not of some specific states. Therefore, a small group of states should not control it. It should not intensify the differences between the North and South. The Chinese ambassador said that the UN should work to maintain the unity of the member states.

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