Islamabad, 30 October 2021 (TDI): Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong visited the National Defense University of Pakistan in Islamabad. He talked about the Chinese vision of development in the world.

During his visit to the National Defense University (NDU), he met with the leading military officers of Pakistan. He appreciated the role of Pakistan in creating peace and stability in the region. He also participated in the conference in NDU. The conference was on the theme of the Chinese vision of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). He discussed the strategic importance of these projects in creating a peaceful world. They will also lead to prosperity and stability.

Chinese vision of BRI

Ambassador Nong Rong emphasized the role of BRI in the development of developing countries. BRI is a Chinese multi-billion project of building infrastructure. This includes industries, dams, railways, roads energy development projects, the agricultural sector, airports, hospitals, and development in many other fields. He highlighted the Chinese vision of BRI in which China aims to strengthen the economies of developing countries. It will help to create employment opportunities which will then help to eradicate poverty. China also eradicated poverty from its country by enhancing its infrastructure. China wants to create a global community of shared values based on multilateralism. Therefore, BRI will help to enhance the cooperation of China with other states of the world which will strengthen the interdependence of the countries. The BRI project aims to link the continents. This linkage will strengthen multilateralism in the world.

Chinese vision of CPEC

Similarly, CPEC is also part of the framework of BRI. China is building infrastructure in Pakistan. The Chinese ambassador emphasized the role of CPEC in developing the country and creating job opportunities. The CPEC will also link Pakistani seaport Gwadar with the Chinese city Kashgar. This linkage will establish a trade route that China will use it. It will reduce the trade route of China and will also eliminate problems of Coldwater during winters in South China. China will build industries and power plants that will stimulate the economy of Pakistan.
China also wants to link Pakistan with Central Asian states through the BRI project. Pakistan has also shifted its policy of geopolitics to geo-economics. China aims to use BRI to create peace and stability in Afghanistan. By adding Afghanistan to the BRI project, the Afghan authorities can also eliminate the economic challenges. This will also put the responsibility on the Afghan authorities to maintain peace in Afghanistan. The peace in Afghanistan will further strengthen the peace and stability of the region.
Chinese vision of BRI and CPEC is to make a world of its vision based on interdependence. Interdependence will be a key to the peace and prosperity of the world.