China’s 7 paddlers to compete in World Table Tennis Slovenia Hub

Liu Weishan during China's 14th National Games in Yan'an, Shaanxi Province, September 20, 2021.

Beijing, 6 October 2021 (TDI): A team of Seven paddlers from China will be tussling in the World Table Tennis (WTT) Slovenia Hub in the coming month.

World Table Tennis Slovenia Hub will hold in Lasko city, Slovenia’s eastern. There female players Wang Yidi and Liu Weishan along with male players Lin Gaoyuan, Liang Jingkun, Wang Chuqin, Zhou Qihao, and Liu Dingshuo will play for China.

Qiu Yike, Liu Zhiqiang, and Liu Guozheng will serve as the coaches for the Chinese team.

According to the Chinese Table Tennis Association (CTTA) statement, the Chinese team seeks to examine the players through actual matches. They hope that players will be able to compete in international tournaments and earn more points through participation.

Furthermore, the China Table Tennis Super League will be held in Weihai, east China’s Shandong Province; the Chinese national table tennis players will participate.

After that, from November 23 to 29 the players will then prepare for the World Championships which will take place in Houston, U.S.