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China-US Presidents renew bonds at APEC Summit


Beijing, 14 November 2023(TDI): President of China Xi Jinping is set to embark on a crucial trip to the US from 14-17 November, where he will be meeting US President Joe Biden and attending the APEC Summit.

Interestingly, San Francisco marks the starting point of Xi’s first US visit back in 1985, when he, then a county leader from Hebei’s Zhengding province, first set foot on American soil.


In a letter to Sarah Lande, author of “Old Friends: The Xi Jinping-Iowa Story,” President Xi emphasized the enduring strength of the amicable bonds between the Chinese and American people, calling them a valuable asset and an essential foundation for bilateral relations. 

This sentiment reflects Xi’s deep-rooted appreciation for the United States, dating back to his first visit in 1985 when he was the county leader of Zhengding in China’s Hebei province.

Coincidentally, San Francisco was the starting point of Xi’s inaugural trip to the United States, a journey that allowed him to foster friendships with the American people.

During that visit, Xi explored Muscatine, Iowa, with a particular focus on agricultural practices.

Sarah Lande, who coordinated Xi’s 1985 visit, recalled Xi’s infectious curiosity and perpetual smile during the trip, emphasizing the importance of first impressions.

Moreover, Xi’s connection with American friends endured over the years, leading to a heartwarming reunion in Iowa in 2012 after 27 years. Despite a tight schedule, Xi prioritized a gathering with his old friends, illustrating his commitment to the people-to-people exchanges that he consistently champions. 

President Xi expressed to his Iowa friends, “To me, you are America,” underscoring the profound impact of their initial encounter on his perception of the United States.

In the face of setbacks in China-US relations, President Xi has continually advocated for people-to-people exchanges, recognizing that individuals hold the key to fostering positive state-to-state relations. 

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Furthermore, this commitment aligns with the perspective of Robert Lawrence Kuhn, chairman of the Kuhn Foundation and a China expert, who believes that direct person-to-person interactions are the most effective way to transform shared opportunities into active collaboration and strong relationships.

As President Xi Jinping sets foot in San Francisco for the summit with President Joe Biden, the echoes of his first American visit decades ago resonate, symbolizing a commitment to building a constructive and enduring relationship between the Chinese and American people.


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