“China role model for us to follow,” says Bangladesh gov’t minister

Bangladesh Planning Minister MA Mannan

Dhaka, 5 October 2021 (TDI): According to M.A. Mannan, Bangladesh Planning Minister, China’s incredible development has made it to a global level as it has set an example for all the nations to follow.

On Monday, the Association of Bangladesh and China Alumni (ABCA) hosted the webinar.

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The Planning Minister of Bangladesh was joined by many others as a chief guest and made the remarks at a webinar commemorating the 72nd anniversary of China’s founding.

He expressed indebtedness to China for allowing Bangladesh to start exporting Duty-Free Quota Free access for 97% of its tariff lines to China from 1st July 2020 and thanked for strengthening the Bangladesh-China relationship.

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Meantime, the minister denied that Bangladesh is being drawn into the Chinese debt trap, pointing out that China’s loans are only a small part of Bangladesh’s total debt. “This is our choice. We think and we borrow. We borrow money from our friends to develop our projects,” he stated.

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