Beijing, 13 June 2013 (TDI):  In a press conference held on June 12, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) reaffirmed its position on the ongoing Ukraine issue, voicing a steadfast commitment to promoting peace negotiations and refraining from any activities that could exacerbate the conflict.

“China’s approach to the Ukraine situation is consistent and unchanging,” a spokesperson for the ministry stated. “We are resolute in our commitment to facilitate talks for peace. Our stance is not to inflame the fight, nor to contribute to the intensification of hostilities by supplying weaponry to the battlefield.”

This stance aligns with China’s broader foreign policy principles, which stress the importance of dialogue and mutual understanding in conflict resolution. The spokesperson stressed China’s interest in maintaining stability and fostering peaceful international relations.

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As tensions continue to rise in Ukraine, China’s proactive efforts to promote peaceful dialogue serve as a valuable reminder of the importance of diplomatic negotiations. The Chinese MOFA hopes that other nations will follow suit, recognizing the potential for cooperation and dialogue to achieve a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine issue.

China’s commitment to peace highlights its role as a responsible global actor and reiterates its dedication to upholding international laws and norms. By fostering dialogue and discouraging escalations, China is taking a stand for peace, stability, and diplomatic resolution on the global stage.

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The ministry concluded its statement by calling for all involved parties to return to the negotiation table, restating its commitment to support any initiative that seeks to bring peace and stability to the region.