Astana, 13 June 2023 (TDI): Pakistani Ambassador Nauman Bashir Bhatti met with Aslan Kaligazin, Chairman of the Management Board of KazakhExport, in Kazakhstan to explore bilateral trade opportunities.

The meeting strived to investigate ways to improve business-to-business (B2B) contacts and develop mutually advantageous cooperation to increase bilateral trade between Pakistan and Kazakhstan.

During the conversation, Diplomat Bhatti and Chairman Kaligazin discussed beneficial strategies to deepen economic ties and stimulate trade growth. Both officials acknowledged the immense potential for collaboration in various sectors, including agriculture, energy, infrastructure development, pharmaceuticals, and information technology.

Recognizing the importance of B2B interactions, Envoy Bhatti emphasized the need to facilitate regular and meaningful exchanges between Pakistani and Kazakhstani businesses. He highlighted the role of the Embassy of Pakistan in Kazakhstan in creating a platform for B2B networking and promoting closer ties between entrepreneurs from both countries.

Chairman Kaligazin expressed his keen interest in fostering economic cooperation and commended Pakistan’s remarkable progress in multiple sectors. He appreciated the country’s skilled workforce, competitive industries, and investor-friendly policies, identifying them as strong incentives for Kazakh businesses to explore partnership opportunities with Pakistani counterparts.

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Pakistani ambassador and representative of Kazakhstan agreed to explore mechanisms for trade opportunities such as organizing business forums, trade exhibitions, and matchmaking events to facilitate increased trade. These initiatives will serve as catalysts for generating awareness, fostering collaboration, and identifying new business prospects between Pakistan and Kazakhstan.

Ambassador Bhatti underlined the significance of leveraging the existing bilateral agreements, such as the Pakistan-Kazakhstan Joint Economic Commission, to streamline trade procedures and overcome regulatory hurdles. The Diplomat assured Chairman Kaligazin of the Embassy’s commitment to providing comprehensive support to Kazakhstani businesses seeking to invest in Pakistan and vice versa.

The session concluded with a shared vision of harnessing and transforming the unrealized potential into mutually beneficial business connections. Ambassador Bhatti and Chairman Kaligazin expressed optimism about the positive outcomes of their discussions and pledged to work closely to materialize the envisioned objectives.