Islamabad, 27 September 2021 (TDI): Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS) organized an event, China Pakistan Media Forum today in  Islamabad. The aim of the forum was to strengthen the ties between China and Pakistan and to boost relations through informed dialogues and building lasting partnerships between Pakistani and Chinese Media outlets for thwarting propaganda. 

Farhat Asif, founder of China-Pakistan Media Forum and Institute of Peace and Development Studies in her opening remarks said that the Forum has been established to build stronger ties amongst the media groups and outlets from both sides. She further added that media forum is meant to strengthen the bond not only in news but in other important ways for corporations. 

Ambassador of People's Republic of China to Pakistan
Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Pakistan

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Nong Rong said that China and Pakistan are facing strong media propaganda and disinformation. Some external forces are hostile and trying to undermine the development of China and Pakistan in a systematic manner. Both sides of the media should be working to promote truth, justice and fairness and become a positive force for regional peace and stability. In order to promote the understanding of Chinese and Urdu languages, China has launched an Urdu media service to counter the negative public opinions and strengthen collaboration. Ambassador Nong also proposed ways to further strengthen the collaboration.

Ambassador Moin ul Haque while delivering a speech at the China Pakistan Media Forum.

Ambassador of Pakistan to the People’s Republic of China Moin ul Haque said that in this digital age, media is not just the source of information but it influences public opinions and inter-state relations. China Pakistan Media collaboration can deepen the relations and help understand each other’s point of view. As well as the technological evolution and developments in the geopolitical arena have rendered the role of media very important in shaping narratives.


Speaking on the occasion, Faisal Javed Khan, Chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting said that there are continuous attempts to jeopardize the Pak-China relationship and damaging the CPEC through fake news and propaganda. But media from both Pakistan and China will counter these negative narratives that are artificially generated to damage the Pak-China relationship and reframe them with more efficiency for better building of relations. He was of the view that such a forum was necessary, timely, and should continue the process to build lasting partnerships with the media outlets of both sides.

Faisal Javed, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting presenting at the China Pakistan Media Forum.

Wang Qianting, Senior journalist of Urdu Service of China Media Group gave a speech in Urdu and said that friendship between China and Pakistan has a special place and this will remain evergreen. She further added that China Media Group is planning to have its first reality TV show together with one of the top TV channels in Pakistan. 

Wang Qianting, a senior journalist of Urdu Service of China Media Group, speaking in Urdu at the forum.

Sultana Siddiqui, Chairperson of Hum Network Limited said, “Hum news from its inception has stood by the motto of investigation and inspiration and we offer our collaboration to long term cultural ties between Pakistan and China.” She further said that collaboration between media helps to promote cultural ties and build people-to-people ties to the next level.

Sultana Siddiqui, Chairperson of Hum Network Limited, speaking with the audience at the China Pakistan Media Forum

Prof. Zhou Rong who is a senior fellow of Chongyang Institute for Financial Study of Renmin University, China shared his views saying, “Chinese media needs to showcase what Pakistan has been doing against terrorism and for peace and stability in Afghanistan and also CPEC project should be advertised by media groups of both countries.”

Makhdom Babar, Editor in Chief The Daily Mail and Chairman,  Pakistan-China Media Friendship Association said that the QUAD alliance will remain failed attempts against China. The naysayers of Pakistan and China will not remain successful and will always fail. The media linkages are important to promote togetherness on a global scale. Pakistan and China media are collaborating for peace and prosperity in the world.

Ms. Scarlet Xiang who is Chairperson, St.Fulin Group, China Scarlet Xiang,  Chairperson, St. Fulin Group, presented a road map for building media cooperation between Pakistan and China. She said that both sides collectively need to build, know and believe more through exclusive exposure.

Ke Ye – Editor-in-Chief of In Zhejiang Media Group, said that bilateral ties between China-Pakistan can be built through information sharing and extensive communications.

A large number of government officials, journalists, media representatives, students, faculty members, and civil society leaders have joined this hybrid event. Organizers have announced that this forum will continue in the future and will be held annually every year.