Shenyang, 29 July 2022 (TDI): Ambassador of Pakistan to China, Moin ul Haque and Gao Wei, Vice Mayor of Shenyang, attended an online event to establish cooperative ties between Shenyang Economic and Technology Development area (SEDA) and Special Technology Zones Authority Pakistan.

The Shenyang Economic and Technology Development zone is located in the Tiexi District, 13 kilometers southwest of the city center of Shenyang.

The zone area was carved out in 1988 to create a special development zone, and then it was designated a national development zone. It is regarded as the starting point of the Shenxi Industrial Corridor.

Additionally, the major industries are the manufacturing of machinery, cars, auto components, chemical, and medicines. The largest sector in SEDA is manufacturing equipment.

Whereas Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) Pakistan offers institutional and legislative support for the growth of Pakistan’s technology industry.

Furthermore, it provides top-notch physical and digital infrastructure and a regulatory framework through an ecosystem strategy, which may propel Pakistan into a future dominated by technology.

Scientific and technological cooperation

Pakistan and China both place considerable importance on maintaining a close strategic relationship. Pakistan has received financial, military, and technical support from the PRC, and both nations view one another as close allies in international affairs.

China and Pakistan have developed cordial neighborly ties and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The cooperation between two countries in scientific and technological areas has always been fruitful. The breadth of Sino-Pakistani cooperation in science and technology has increased throughout time.

Moreover, what began as ad hoc contacts between individuals have matured into intergovernmental cooperation, such as that of the joint committee on science and technology.

The Chinese and Pakistani governments have conducted 15 meetings and inked 417 intergovernmental agreements for cooperation in science and technology since they signed their agreement in 1976.

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