Shanghai, 3 August 2022 (TDI): Hussain Haider, the Consul General of Pakistan in Shanghai, declared that China is Pakistan’s main export destination for gemstones. He further added that there is a significant room for growth in this area.

The Consul General conducted a Webinar. This webinar aimed to help Pakistani businesses better comprehend the workings of the Chinese gemstone market.

Additionally, the purpose was to facilitate business matches between Pakistan and China.

During the webinar, he added that “Pakistani companies need to understand the preferences and requirements of Chinese buyers to increase their presence in the Chinese market.”

Muhammad Fayyaz Qureshi, Senior Vice Chairman of Pakistan Gems, Jewellers, Traders and Exporters Association (PGJTEA) was also present. During the event, he stressed that the country was home to various minerals.

These minerals include fluorite, topaz, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, unmatched grade rubies, and emeralds. These precious minerals are mined in Swat, Hunza, Gilgit, Chitral, and Azad Kashmir valleys.

The webinar concluded that Pakistan is looking forward to launching joint ventures with China to address various issues. Additionally, they stressed the importance of distributing awareness regarding Pakistan’s gemstones.

Therefore, many businesses from Pakistan initiated themselves and the particular products they can deliver to China. Whereas businesses from China described their required specifications.

Pak-China Collaborations

With time, the relationship between Pakistan and China has strengthened in science and future technologies.

Both countries are celebrating their 71 years of strong Iron-clad friendship this year. Moreover, higher learning and telecommunications continue to grow, providing more chances for the citizens of the two nations to interact and fortify their relationship.

Pakistan and China had previously engaged in many collaborative projects. Thereby, with the help of China, the Pakistan China Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence has been developed at Karachi University.


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