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China: Joint Efforts required for Nuclear Safety of Ukraine


Beijing, 5 March 2022 (TDI): Chinese Envoy has urged all concerned parties involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict to collaborate joint efforts with IAEA for the safety of nuclear facilities in Ukraine.

The statement came on March 4. It is pertinent to note that China is concerned about the latest developments in Ukraine. Similarly, the Chinese permanent representative to the UN, Zhang Jun, pointed out reports about the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in this regard.

Considering the current state of events, the Chinese envoy, Zhang, told UNSC that China is taking note of the information provided by Russia on this matter. Previously, IAEA has informed that the main equipment of the nuclear power plant of Ukraine is intact. Besides, the level of radiation of the plant is also normal. Furthermore, Ukraine’s nuclear authority has also verified this report.

Critical Phase of Ukraine Crisis

In addition to that, the Chinese delegate highlighted that Ukraine Crisis is still going through a critical phase. In this context, the important thing is to avoid civilian causalities and intensify diplomatic negotiations. This will enable the involved parties to get back to the political settlement amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Further, Russia and Ukraine have undergone two rounds of talks for the settlement of the Ukraine Crisis. As a result, representatives of both sides have reached a preliminary agreement to set the humanitarian corridors.

The constructive role of China

Above all, Zhang mentioned that China welcomes this move amid the Russia and Ukraine Conflict. Indeed, this step will facilitate civilians and evacuate foreign nationals which include the Chinese as well. He also explained that China is encouraging Russia and Ukraine to reach a political settlement through dialogue and negotiations.

Indeed, a peaceful resolution is vital for the lasting peace and security of Europe. In this regard, Zhang stated that China doesn’t only welcome the diplomatic pathway but is also ready to play a constructive role as well. Meanwhile, he added that the international community must show restraint and remain cool-headed.

In brief, world leaders must adopt a rational, objective, and impartial approach to reach a peaceful environment. Lastly, Zhang emphasized that China encourages every action that leads to de-escalation and political settlement. Subsequently, there is no need for concerned authorities to escalate and deteriorate the issue.


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