Tokyo, 11 April 2023 (TDI): During Monday’s high-level consultations on maritime affairs, China warned Japan about the violation of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity over the Taiwan region and East China Sea issues.

The meeting, which took place in Tokyo and marked the 15th round of such talks since 2019, was co-hosted by Hong Liang, the director-general of the Department of Boundary and Ocean Affairs of China’s Foreign Ministry, and Takehiro Funakoshi, the Director-General of the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau.

The Chinese delegation reiterated China’s stance on the South China Sea and Taiwan issues, expressing concern over Japan’s negative remarks on these matters.

Then, the delegation urged Japan to refrain from any actions that may violate China’s maritime interests and territorial integrity, as it would further complicate the situation. China also warned Japan against its growing interest in the Taiwan question.

The Outcome of the Meeting

The outcome of the meeting saw both sides engaging in broad and in-depth discussions on maritime issues, including maritime defence, law enforcement, security, and the economy.

In light of the 45th anniversary of the Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship this year, both countries reached a consensus to address their divergences through dialogue and cooperation in maritime affairs.

China and Japan also called for efforts to promote peace and cooperation in the East China Sea. They agreed to expedite the construction of direct telephone line connections and air liaison mechanisms between their defence sectors for improved maritime security.

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Additionally, both countries expressed their commitment to conducting rescue exercises and joint maritime actions to combat cross-border maritime crimes, illegal fishing, and maritime plastic waste.

Furthermore, China and Japan agreed to hold the 16th round of high-level consultations on maritime issues within the same year, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to addressing maritime challenges through dialogue and cooperation.