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China: IAEA undermines independence on Ukraine Nuclear Security


Vienna, 4 March 2022 (TDI): As per remarks of Chinese representatives, IAEA undermines independence by the situation of Ukraine. To clarify, IAEA has convened a BOG meeting and introduced a draft resolution regarding the safety of nuclear facilities in Ukraine.

In this context, Poland and Canada submitted the draft resolution titled “Nuclear Safety, nuclear security and nuclear safeguards implications of the situation in Ukraine”. Along these lines, China has voted against the draft resolution at a special meeting of the BOG. The meeting took place on March 3.

In this regard, the Permanent Representative of China to the UN, Wang Qun, led the Chinese delegation at Vienna. During the meeting, he made a statement to represent the position of China on the issue.

IAEA undermines standards and Independence

Along these lines, Wang Qun said that the draft resolution goes beyond the mandate of the IAEA. It has inculcated many political factors which impact the professionalism of IAEA negatively. Similarly, it is not acceptable for the relevant countries to vote in favor of such resolutions. Indeed, the resolutions need a thorough and constructive revision of all the relevant provisions to deal with the situation of Ukraine. As a result, China voted in negative.

Further, Wang Qun highlighted that China is concerned about the nuclear facilities of Uzbekistan. Eventually, China supports the efforts of IAEA for the nuclear security, safety, and safeguard duties with regard to the authorization process. Besides, China recalls all the relevant countries and organizations to exercise restraint and avoid persuading artificial nuclear weapons. This is crucial to avoid nuclear security incidents as well.

Considering the current state of events in Ukraine, Wang Qun emphasized that China is determined to support diplomacy. It is the only way to ease the Ukraine crisis. Thereupon, China is favoring to play a constructive role amid the ongoing Russia and Ukraine conflict.

Earlier, Director-General of IAEA, Rafael Mariano Grossi, addressed the meeting of the Board of Governors on March 3rd. He made a statement regarding the situation of Ukraine and its implications on the nuclear safety and security of Ukraine’s nuclear facilities.

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