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China hosted Asia and Pacific High-level Conference on BRI Cooperation


Beijing:24 June 2021-(TDI):   Asia and Pacific High-level Conference on BRI via a video link held in Beijing, chaired by State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Political leaders, deputy prime ministers, and foreign ministers from 29 countries, as well as representatives of different international organizations, participated in the conference.

Mr. Wang Yi began by reading the written remarks of President Xi Jinping, he said that President Xi Jinping proposed Belt and Road (BRI) in 2013 since then 140 countries have joined BRI. In the past 8 years of BRI, it has greatly contributed to the global economy and development. Trade between China and BRI partners has reached 9.2 trillion U.S dollars. China will build a closer partnership with all the parties for mutual development.

During the conference, Wang Yi said that last year in the wake of the COVID-19, Belt and Road cooperation did not stop. We need to strengthen cooperation on the new coronavirus vaccine and China is willing to provide various medical supplies to BRI partners.

Mr. Wang Yi stressed promoting green development cooperation and free trade on both regional and global levels. He said that the Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing region with lots of potential and with cooperation and mutual benefit, it’s a win-win situation. He added that together by deepening our cooperation and by strengthening connectivity we can overcome challenges.

Representatives from various countries expressed support for the conference convened by China. They were of the view that the conference is timely and important.

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