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China-Europe freight train leaves for Ukraine


Chongqing, 1 September 2021 (TDI): New freight train filled with containers of machinery and equipment has started its journey for Ukraine’s capital from China’s Chongqing Municipality, on Sunday. The containers are 50 in number. As per estimation, the cargo will be received by Ukraine in 15-days. 

Before the construction of this route, there was no direct connection between West China and Ukraine. At that time the trade used to take place through other European countries. According to this new route, the train will go through the border port of Erenhot in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of North China.

China has taken such initiatives in its global campaign to interconnect the region. This new train will not only allow the smooth transfer of logistics but also create new opportunities for people. An enhancement in trade relations is also expected between Europe and China as the result of this development.

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