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China establishes Vocational Training Institute in Gwadar


Gwadar, 1 December 2021 (TDI): China has established a Technical and Vocational Training Insitute (TVTI) in Gwadar.

Chinese-funded vocational training institute has been completed under the project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Gwadar. The TVTI established in Gwadar cost about PKR 2.2 billion.

The TVTI established in Gwadar is aimed to help the locals in learning vocational training. It will provide them one year of learning after which they will be transferred to Shah Dong Institute of Commerce and Technology in China for a one-year diploma.

The TVTI in Gwadar is the first of its type made by China in Pakistan. It will accommodate about 300 students. It was created on an urgent need basis to help the locals in sustainable development. The Gwadar TVTI was constructed by the China Harbor Engineering Company.

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan attended the inauguration ceremony

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong attended the inauguration ceremony virtually. He stated that the project has completed in just 20 months.

He emphasized that the institute will provide the best technical education and skill to the youth of Gwadar and of the Baluchistan province. The Chinese ambassador highlighted that the students learning in this institute will also get scholarships in addition to free accommodation.

Chairman of the China Overseas Port Holding Company Zhang Baosheng underscored that the vocational training institute will play an important role in the development of the region. He emphasized that China is working on its project of constructing industries in the region under the framework of CPEC.

He stressed that technical institutes play a key role in industrial development. Therefore, the youth of Baluchistan and especially Gwadar can get huge benefits from the TVTI of Gwadar. He underlined that the TVTI will help them to get job opportunities in golden opportunities to get employment in Gwadar Port, Free Zone Industry, and other projects of the CPEC.

Chairman of the Gwadar Port Authority Naseer Khan Kashani thanked Chinese investors for investing in such an important project.

He also expressed gratitude to the Chinese engineers and workers for working during the pandemic and completing the project before the planned time.

Kashani emphasized that CPEC has been a blessing for the people of Pakistan. He stated that China has assisted a lot Pakistan in the energy and socio-economic projects under the framework of the CPEC.

The TVTI made in Gwadar by China will help the locals a lot in their social and economic development. It will provide technical training and skills to the youth of Baluchistan to make their future successful. The youth will then play an important role in the industrial development of Pakistan.

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