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China calls for ceasefire in Gaza at BRICS virtual Summit


Beijing, 22 November 2023 (TDI): At the BRICS extraordinary virtual summit on the Palestinian-Israeli issue on Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the conflicting parties to halt the hostilities and reach a ceasefire as soon as possible.

Xi stressed that all forms of violence and attacks on civilians must stop, that civilians who are detained must be freed and that more actions must be taken to avoid further casualties and suffering.

Also humanitarian access must be ensured and protected, and more humanitarian aid must be delivered to the people in Gaza.

Xi warned that the international community must take concrete steps to prevent the conflict from spreading and threatening the stability of the whole Middle East region.

He reiterated that the only feasible way to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the two-state solution, which would restore the legitimate national rights of Palestine and establish an independent Palestinian state.

China urges the international community to convene an authoritative peace conference as soon as possible to build a consensus for peace and seek a comprehensive, just, and lasting solution to the Palestinian issue, Xi said.

Xi said this is the first summit of the expanded BRICS group. He said it is very appropriate and very significant that we meet and voice our support for justice and peace on the Palestinian-Israeli issue at this critical moment.

“The situation in Gaza is still very tense. China is deeply worried that the conflict has caused huge civilian losses and a humanitarian crisis, and may escalate and affect the stability of the whole Middle East region,” he said.

Xi said the collective punishment of the people in Gaza, such as forced displacement or deprivation of water, electricity, and fuel, must end.

Moreover, he stressed that all parties must implement the UN General Assembly and Security Council resolutions through practical actions on the ground.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the fundamental cause of the Palestinian-Israeli problem is the long-term denial of the right of the Palestinian people to statehood, to existence, and to return.

He stressed that there can be no lasting peace and security in the Middle East without a fair resolution of the Palestinian issue. He said since the outbreak of the new Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

China has been actively working to promote dialogue and ceasefire. It has provided humanitarian aid to help alleviate the humanitarian situation in Gaza and will provide more supplies and assistance according to the needs of the people in Gaza.

China has played a constructive role as the president of the UN Security Council to facilitate the adoption of the resolution.

That demands longer humanitarian pauses and corridors, the protection of civilians, and the delivery of humanitarian assistance, he added.

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Xi praised the BRICS cooperation mechanism as a vital platform for emerging markets and developing countries to enhance solidarity and cooperation and safeguard common interests.

He said the meeting to align positions and actions on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a good beginning for more BRICS cooperation after its expansion.

China is ready to work with other members to open a new chapter for BRICS cooperation, Xi said.

The summit was chaired by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and attended by leaders from China, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, and foreign ministers from India and Argentina.

The leaders expressed serious concern over the Palestinian-Israeli situation and condemned all acts of violence against civilians.

They emphasized the need for the protection of civilians in line with international humanitarian law, calling for an immediate lasting, sustainable humanitarian ceasefire and humanitarian aid delivery.

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