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China and India should be partners: Chinese Foreign Minister


Beijing, 8 March 2022 (TDI): On the sidelines of the thirteenth National People’s Congress, Chinese Foreign Minister and State Councilor, Wang Yi, stated that China and India should be partners.

He further said that both countries enjoy cordial and harmonious relations. In the same vein, becoming rivals on the international platform will not do benefit any state. He delivered these remarks on March 7.

The strategy of no Threats

Along these lines, Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, mentioned that both countries should help each other because threats and rivalry will harm the progress and development of the region. In this regard, he offered to pay attention to the strategic consensus of ‘posing no threat’.

Subsequently, he emphasized that both countries are liable to become mutual friends instead of adversaries. Therefore, both countries should intensify their cooperation network as this will lessen suspicions against them.

Further, he highlighted that China and India are the world’s largest developing states. Therefore, both states must continue the rejuvenation to work together and acquire beneficial aspects.

Moreover, he said that both states have more than 2.7 billion people which has created opportunities for common interests along with collaboration space.

The Boundary Question

Considering the current state of events, Wang Yi stressed that the border issue between India and China cannot dominate the foreign policy dynamics of both states. Similarly, he pointed out that this issue must be analyzed through a historical lens.

In this context, he also remarked that the border issue has negative impacts on the region. But, this will not affect the core interests of both countries. Accordingly, only consultation and dialogue can resolve the boundary question. However, he also pointed out that some forces are trying to sever the bilateral ties of China and India.

As a result, both states should maintain this issue through proper channels. This step is also necessary to foster a dialogue process and manage peace along the border. Lastly, he maintained that China and India must avoid miscalculations and work further to strengthen the bilateral relationship.

It is pertinent to note that that Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, reiterated the same message on China-India relations last year on March 7. Most importantly, the Chinese Foreign Minister has stated many times that ‘China and India are partners.’

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