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China-Africa relations crucial for African Development


Kigali, 18 November 2021 (TDI): Prime Minister of Rwanda Dr. Edouard Ngirente stated that China-Africa relations are important for the development of the African Continent.

He made these remarks in his address to the Fourth Forum on China-Africa Local Government Cooperation. The event took place on 16 November 2021. He stated that the government of Rwanda put huge importance on China-Africa cooperation.

Dr. Edouard emphasized bilateral relations of Rwanda and China during his address. He said that China has helped them in the key developmental sector. He also highlighted the Chinese cooperation with Rwanda in infrastructure, agriculture, health, education, ICT, trade, mining, transport, as well as tourism.

Edouard pointed out that the Forum is taking place when China and Rwanda are celebrating the Golden Jubilee of bilateral cooperation.

He said that China is the biggest investor in the African continent. It has been creating opportunities for economic development in Africa. China has been committed to strengthening its political and socio-economic relations with Africa, he added.

Prime Minister of Rwanda noted that the Forum will further strengthen bilateral relations between Africa and China. The local government cooperation between the two sides will help in eradicating poverty, social construction, and agricultural modernization. It will also promote the sister-city relationship between the two sides.

Edouard noted that 70% of asphalt roads in Rwanda were built by Chinese companies. He also highlighted the increase in exports of coffee from Rwanda to China. He said that Rwandan coffee is gaining popularity in China. The big size of the Chinese market will help to enhance the Rwandan economy.

He also pointed out that Rwanda is the first African nation to export dried Chili to China. In the coming 5 years, Rwanda will export 50,000 tons of dried Chili to China. It will further strengthen the relations between the two states.

China has been a huge supporter of the developing states. Therefore, it is committed to strengthening its cooperation with the African continent. China is working with the African nations under the framework of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). The upcoming Summit of the FOCAC will take place in Senegal.


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