Paris, 4 January 2023 (TDI): The Social Development Bank of Europe (CEB) under its Migration & Refugee Fund grant supported the Czech Ministry of Interior to produce & distribute 6000 textbooks for Ukrainian refugees who are learning the local language.

The situation in Ukraine is getting worst day by day. Refugees are in high need of support at all levels. Global institutes especially European organizations are on their toes to accommodate refugees at all levels.

The main mandate of the Social Development Bank of Europe is to provide assistance to migrants, refugees, and displaced persons. Since the Russia and Ukraine conflict started, a total of 5 million refugees from Ukraine is living outside the country.

The number of displaced people is very high and there are many resources and efforts required to settle down the displaced person.

By closely observing the situation, the Social Development Bank of Europe (CEB) allocated €10 million for assistance to refugees from Ukraine. In addition, the bank is helping many other organizations and Ministries to assist refugees by all means.

The Czech Ministry of Interior also approached the Social Development Bank of Europe and through its Migration and Refugee Fund Grant, the Czech Ministry produced and distributed 6,000 textbooks for Ukrainian refugees in the local language.

Education is one of the sectors that suffer more in such conflicts. The European institutions are trying hard to meet the needs of Ukrainian refugees at all levels and providing them assistance in the best possible ways.

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