Ontario, 27 June 2022 (TDI): The WVL initiative in Canada provides funding to groups working to enhance the rights and empowerment of women. The Canadian government gratefully supports the remarkable effort.

A five-year project called Women’s Voice and Leadership-Pakistan (WVL-Pakistan) is sponsored by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and carried out by Oxfam Canada. It works in Pakistan in partnership with Oxfam.

The GAC Women’s Voice and Leadership (WVL) Program includes the project WVL. Supporting the capabilities and initiatives of local and regional women’s organizations is a global initiative.

The WVL Project in Canada aims to expand Pakistani women’s and girls’ access to human rights. They are working to increase the ability of women’s rights organizations (WROs) both individually and collectively in Pakistan.

This program was developed to satisfy the demands of regional organizations for women in underdeveloped nations. They can improve gender equality and provide women in developing nations more power thanks to their assistance.

This program was announced in June 2017. It is part of the Feminist International Assistance Policy. Canada will cooperate with partners as part of the program to:

  • Increase the effectiveness of regional and national women’s rights platforms, networks, and alliances to influence policy, legal, and social change.
  • Enhance the management and sustainability of local and regional women’s rights organizations.
  • Strengthen their capacity to advocate for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

Women have the power to alter the world. The female combat veterans are provided support to rise above injustice and hostility to change not just their own lives but also the lives of their entire communities.

WVL emphasized the influence of women throughout the world and provided an opportunity to participate in events that motivated women to make a difference. To support the underserved community, it promotes and protects their human rights.