Phnom Penh, 29 April 2023 (TDI): The successful partnership between Cambodia and Australia in governance reform would help to promote further diplomatic interaction and collaboration in the shared interests of both countries.

Prum Sokha, Cambodian Minister of Civil Service, and Justin Kevin Whyatt, Australian Ambassador to Cambodia, declared their conviction in a meeting on April 27, 2023.

The Australian diplomat praised the Ministry of Civil Service’s achievements under the Public Administration Reform Programme framework, including institutional capacity building and improvement of public service provision.

The salary increases for civil servants and the armed forces issuance of new civil servants’ ID cards were also praised in the meeting.

Prum Sokha reaffirmed the ministry’s commitment to public administration overhaul, and the ministry intends to push for the enactment of the draught royal decree on civil servant recruitment.

Cambodia and Australia announced their plans to boost cooperation in public administration reform.

This move aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services in Cambodia and promote good governance and transparency.

The two leaders discussed a range of issues related to bilateral cooperation, including trade, investment, education, and security.

In the area of public administration reform, the two countries agreed to work together to develop and implement policies and programs to improve the delivery of public services in Cambodia.

This will involve sharing best practices and expertise in public sector management, human resource development, and information technology.

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Australia has a long history of supporting public administration reform in Cambodia, providing technical assistance and funding for several initiatives in this area over the years.

This new agreement builds on this existing partnership and is expected to strengthen further the Cambodian government’s capacity to deliver quality public services to its citizens.

The two leaders also discussed the importance of promoting good governance and transparency in Cambodia and agreed to work together to strengthen the country’s institutions and legal framework.

This will involve supporting initiatives to combat corruption, promote accountability, and protect human rights.

Overall, the agreement between Cambodia and Australia to boost cooperation in public administration reform is a positive development for both countries.

It is expected to lead to improved public services and greater transparency in Cambodia while strengthening the partnership between the two countries.