Ramallah, 9 October 2023 (TDI): In light of Israel’s aggression and the declaration of open war on the Palestinian people in Gaza and the worsening situation for Palestinians, the government of Palestine has called for international intervention.

The situation is rapidly deteriorating under Israeli colonial occupation and apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, the international community must intervene immediately.

International protection is needed to halt Israel’s destructive campaign and address the ongoing injustice.

Moreover, the international community holds political, legal, humanitarian, and moral responsibilities to promote accountability, the only viable solution to this unlawful situation.

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As the Palestinian people will persist in defending their homes and their fundamental right to live in freedom and dignity, free from occupation, apartheid, and persecution.

The Palestine Health Ministry reports that Israeli actions in Gaza involve collective punishment, targeting homes and civilian structures, cutting off electricity, and obstructing the supply of essential goods.

In addition, the death toll among Palestinians has risen to over 413, with more than 2,000 injured due to Israeli airstrikes. Over 50 buildings, including two with 100 apartments each, were destroyed by Israeli aircraft in Gaza.

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Israeli casualties include over 700 soldiers and settlers killed, with more than 2,200 wounded and 345 in critical condition.

Additionally, 670 Israelis are missing, and Palestinian freedom fighters are holding several Israeli army and settler prisoners.

Thus, the situation underscores the urgent need for international action to address the escalating conflict and protect the rights and lives of the Palestinian people.

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Maham Shabir
A dedicated and passionate undergraduate scholar of UMT, Maham Shabir, embarks on her academic journey in International Relations with fervor. Entranced by the nuanced interplay that molds our globally linked world, Maham's resolute dedication propels her towards a purposeful mission. Eager to interface with the diplomatic sphere via this platform, she finds an impeccable synergy between her aspirations and the opportunity to catalyze cooperation and empathy on the international stage.