Beijing, 6 December 2022 (TDI): Dr. Hassan Daud Butt, the former CEO of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Investment & Trade (KP-BOIT) held a meeting with the General Manager of China Energy International Group (CGGC), Lv Xiufeng.

Presently Dr. Hassan is working as Advisor to FF Steel. During the meeting, he stated that the growing population necessitates strong infrastructure support.

Along these lines, a severe housing shortage in Pakistan will necessitate massive upgrading of Pakistan’s steel industry, where the partnership between Chinese EPC firms and the local industry is critical.

Peter Zhu, who is the Marketing Director of China Gazuba, was also present at the meeting. It is noteworthy that CGGC is Pakistan’s largest Chinese buyer of steel rebars.

Dasu, Sukhi Kinari, Azad Pattan, Mohmand, and Balakot Hydro projects, as well as the K3 Nuclear Power, and innumerable other smaller projects are currently under construction.

During the meeting, it was also revealed that the consulting firm in charge of overseeing the construction of the Diamer Basha Dam had been invited to visit the FF steel factory.

In this vein, Dr. Hassan expressed his willingness to supply a large quantity of special-grade steel rebars for this venture. Power China and FWO are the main contractors for this megaproject, which will require nearly 3 million tonnes of high-grade steel.

Upcoming Chinese projects, such as ML-1 and KCR, as agreed during the Prime Minister’s visit to China, will also necessitate Grade 60 Steel that meets ASTM 615 and 706 standards. This large quantity can only be arranged by local manufacturers.

Mega Chinese SOEs, particularly CREC and CRCC, have expressed strong interest in participating in the construction of these upcoming projects. These companies’ local offices have already begun planning.

The new advisor for investment opportunities, international projects, and new initiatives will be of great assistance to FF Steel, according to General Manager Lv Xiufeng of China Energy International Group.

He also welcomed experienced Projects Management and Investment Specialist; Dr. Hassan Daud Butt to the sector. Only a select few experts, according to him, are familiar with the scope and technical details of both countries’ industries and are capable of bringing together sizable Chinese and Pakistani companies.

Dr. Hassan Butt brings with him years of rich experience working on new initiatives and projects, particularly those that involve Chinese State-owned and private businesses.

He served as the KP Government’s Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) focal person as well as the CEO of the KP BoIT and Special Economic Zone Authority.

He previously held the position of Project Director for the $49 billion icon project known as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) from 2016 to 2019.

The Chinese Ministry of Defense awarded him the Chinese Commemorative Medal for fostering better Pak-China relations, and he continued to serve as a diplomat from 2009 to 2013 in the Pakistani Embassies in Beijing, China, and Hanoi, Vietnam.

He also received a commendation for serving as team leader for KP’s initiative at Dubai EXPO 2020. While extending a warm welcome to Dr. Hassan, Zarak, the CEO of FF Steel, shared his strategic vision for the company.

He stressed the value of establishing strategic relationships with clients and other important industry stakeholders.

Moreover, he went on to say that “I believe in introducing state-of-the-art technologies and presenting new trends in the market through the high-performing team.

Being the lead producer of Grade-60 steel bars and the exclusive producer of Grade-80 bars, FF Steel is venturing into new avenues and marketing techniques.

In this way, it ventures to reach new heights to meet the expectations of valuable customers and develop a strong standing in the industry so as to enhance the economy of the country.”

He conveyed his confidence that Dr. Butt will help realize the vision, provide the team at FF Steel with useful advice, and be a valuable contributor to future endeavors.

By offering high-quality steel rebars of Grade 60, which Chinese businesses were in great demand for, FF Steel is demonstrating its commitment to quality.

Furthermore, by adhering to strict international standards, the company ensures the quality of its products and helps to prevent natural disasters like devastating floods and earthquakes.

In order to benefit from China’s technical prowess, particularly in the steel industry, which enables it to produce high-quality steel bars withstanding shocks like earthquakes & deadly floods, there is a strong collaboration between the Chinese & Pakistani steel industries.

Shanghai Electric in Thar Block 1, CGI-COP, CCECC, Gansu Construction, China State Grid Engineering, CCCC in Gwadar, & its subsidiaries CRBC & China Harbor also active in SEZ/KPT are other Chinese companies that are very active in Pakistan’s construction industry.

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